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I couldn't even make out the type of car they were driving but yet after reading all of the reviews there was only one other person that had the same problem I did. Is it possible the DVR I purchased and returned was defective?I live on a fixed income so I can't afford the more expensive DVR's, I would li,e to think you don't have to pay hundreds of dollars to be able to identify the individual that's vandalizing your property. I purchased the DVR and Camera system after researching other products. My IT director recommended Lorex. I was extremely pleased with the price of the system , however the clarity of the picture is much less then I was hoping for. I have another brand of wireless camera and the detail and resolution is amazing. I am attributing the quality to the price I paid. I was very pleased with the external look and quality of both the DVR and the cameras, I am sure they will last. I also had to call Lorex support numerous times to get the remote viewing aspect up and running. I was treated very well it was obvious they wanted to help solve any problem I may be experiencing. I will purchase a more expensive camera for this system in hopes the picture quality is better.

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Take control of virtually anything in your home from lighting, to air conditioning thermostats and even security cameras.

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“He started his sales pitch by stating that he was here on behalf of Flagler to let us know that the telephone lines in our neighborhoods where going to be upgraded in two weeks and that some of the current system will not be compatible with the emergency system.

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